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28 MINUTES TO FASTER READING is the world’s easiest program. It got its name from being tested on 11 year old children. They learned speed reading in only 28 minutes. You will too!

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Speed reading is easy with our top rated speed reading strategy allowing you to improve your reading and provide for accelerated learning. Run through our speed reading training and strategies for the ideal approach to improve grades, whether for college reading or university reading you can learn speed reading with us.

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Learning speed reading with speed reading programs from Speedread America is easy and financially beneficial. Our Speed Reading Programs have courses that employ many speed reading techniques and exercises to increase reading speed. These speed reading exercises and techniques as well as other educational books and tools are listed here in our online digital download library.

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Even if you are just learning for pleasure reading, you can read an entire book in under an hour. Anyone can double their reading speed with very little effort. Others can increase far beyond that! We Guarantee It!


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