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Learn speed reading, be a speed reader, and improve your reading skills. Improve your perspective and achieve your life goals through the courses, books, videos, audios, software on speed reading and self help, by world renown authority Dr. Jay Polmar, helping students and adults worldwide for 33 years. Read a little about us below.

Even if you want to learn speed reading for pleasure reading, you can read an entire book in under an hour. Anyone can double their reading speed with very little effort. Others can increase far beyond that! We Guarantee It!


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Speed Read America – About Us

Speedread.org has developed a method by which you can double or triple your reading speed rapidly. Our programs include evaluations, exercises and techniques by Dr. Jay Polmar lead a speed reading research team for many years until his retirement.

Speedread.org originated accelerated learning technology specifically designed to help readers become speed readers, using simple forms of hypnosis and visualization. Dr. Jay Polmar, now retired, worked with leading educational specialists to fine-tune the speed reading process. After teaching hundreds of classes, with thousands of students, he gave the rights to his adaptation of the original Evelyn Wood (TM) Speed Reading methods to Speedread.org.

Learning these speed reading methods is easy and benefit speed readers financially during their lives. Even if you are only learning it for reading fiction, you can read an entire book in under an hour. Realistically, anyone can double their reading speed with very little effort – it’s that easy. Others can increase far beyond that!

Unless you need a live training program for yourself or your company, save your money. Don’t waste hundreds of dollars of hard-earned money, or weeks of your life on learning a full-scale speed reading course. Most people require only the techniques we offer and some practice for success.

Speedread.org donates hundreds of programs every year to public libraries, school libraries, and struggling families throughout the world. We just need a letter, on a letterhead from the school or library, to info@speedread.org, and we are glad to send our courses.

A few suggestions for improving your reading speed

Uniform and coordinated eye movement are vital in order for you to be a speed reader. When you try to move your eyes in a straight line without a guide (like a moving light), your eyes tend to move in a tottering and unsteady fashion. The bottom line is … your eyes are basically untrained for the coordinated motion required for speed reading. Also, your eyes move smoother when there is some form of guide to follow.

One of the reasons you’ll use a method that involves finger tracking to guide your eye movements when reading is that it prepares you for the coordination methods used in our Speed Reading method. You’ll stop back-tracking (going back and reviewing what you already read), regressing and back-sliding to re-check what you’ve read and thought you missed.

When I first learned to read, back in 1951, I was taught to sound out letters, and then syllables and finally words. Then I read out loud to the class and Mrs. Langbein. I was told, “Good, you got it right.” As I got older, I began to read to myself, and soon I could read the words silently in my head, but I could still hear myself talking to myself.

That’s called – Subvocalizing. Subvocalizing is considerably slower than just reading because one can only speak about 200 words per minute if from down south, or maybe a bit faster if you’re from up north. So, if you subvocalize every word, you’ll slow down your reading considerably. To prevent subvocalizing use, an audio of nature sounds through headphones while you’re reading. It will slow down and stop subvocalization. Sounds strange I know … but it works.

Your brain operates at different speeds. When you’re critically thinking, you’re at one brainwave speed called Beta. When you’re daydreaming, you’re at another called Alpha. When you’re asleep, you’re at still another called Theta. When you are deep asleep and dreaming you at Delta. Your brain also accepts data at varying speeds like when you are studying and when you are dreaming.

You won’t consistently read at only one brainwave speed. If reading a newspaper, you’ll be scanning for specific details. If reading your favorite romance novel, you may want to read slower to make the juicy love themes melt your heart. If you can read at 1200 wpm, that doesn’t force you to read 1200 wpm all the time. We highly recommend varying your reading speed. And to take another analogy. Just because your Maserati can drive at 189 MPH on the getaway doesn’t mean you should drive that fast downtown or in a school zone.

Very soon you’ll be able to read much faster. You’ll also have the ability to choose your own comfortable speed reading pace. You’ll know what speed is best for every reading task.

All psychology, motivational therapy and sales motivation tell people that in order to succeed — they must believe in themselves.

Once you have learned and practiced the methods of speedread.org you can progress to reading faster than 1,000 wpm. But, that requires a belief system change which might be difficult to adapt to if you are not persistent. It takes a leap of faith, plus a belief in yourself. If you’re stuck in the motor reading habit of reading word-by-word, repeating every word silently to yourself, you might get stuck in the belief that this is the only way you can read. Please don’t lie to yourself.

Your eyes have phenomenal photographic (eidetic) powers and range of scope. Your brain is a computer operating at very high speeds. Although you might be clearly focused on one thing, your peripheral vision can still absorb the neighboring information and store it for recall at some time later. Training yourself to expand your peripheral vision will expand your ability to take in several words simultaneously. You’ll double your reading speed quickly. These exercises will dramatically extend your peripheral vision in a minute or two.

When learning speed reading your brain processes data rapidly, similar to when you are flying down the highway at 75 mph, and you spot a road sign on an overpass. You do not read it word-by-word; you glance and immediately know what it says! You read it in one chunk using batch processing.

Even when reading books, you can process batches of words and pictures or input chunks of data. You already have the capability for high-speed reading. But, first you must learn the technique, and then you can make a simple adaptation to do it on demand.

The clues above should help you start off as a speed reader. Speedread.org has developed Dr. Jay Polmar’s series of exercises into several best-selling speed reading courses. We guarantee you will double your reading speed, and this is all you’ll ever need to double reading speed! Other programs containing this information sell for hundreds of dollars. Start today, and be speed reading tomorrow. Click here to go to our product page

“May your reading change your life making it an example for others to follow…” Dr. Jay Polmar.