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Optimize your brain


Speed Reading for Business Success and The Course on Money
1. Use the Eliminate the Babbler for permanent engaging of accessible intuition to gain insight and action steps.
2. Use Prosperity Sleep – to use sleep and dreams to increase prosperity.
3. Use Self-Confidence – to build confidence toward your wealth creation.
4. Use Success and Prosperity – during the day to open to clarity and opportunities for valid wealth creation ideas.
5. Use Prosperity Chants as an option. These are old chants that bring instant results.

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The Complete Speed Reading Program – Corporate


Who else needs to improve their bottom line and increase their earning capacity?By Dr. Jay Polmar, author of more than 50 booksFor the every employee in your corporation, from the secretarial staff to the CEO. Electronic speed reading course books, online speed reading software, audio reinforcement, and much more.