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Master Comprehension & Memory


Perfect Learning Systems Book 2
A guidebook to your improving your comprehension and your memory. As an adjunct to any speed reading course, this course is the value-added for you to develop increased comprehension and improving memory and recall.

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Perfect Learning System


Who else wants to be able to transform
their brain into the Perfect Learning machine?

Tens of thousands, around the world, have successfully turned their brains into Learning Machines. They can turn on the switch whenever needed.

Since 1977 Dr. Jay Polmar has taught students in 27 countries how to train their brain to become, on-demand, the Perfect Learning machine. It’s an easy process really, and it answers all the needs to convert your brain (and mind) into the Perfect Learning machine.

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Speed Reading and Study Skills Package


Complete Academic Improvement Tool – Empower your Education
This set includes:
1. Speed Read in Only One Hour (min. 6th-grade reading level) – this is given to you just to get you started on the process of becoming a straight A student.

2. Be Dynamic Through Speed Reading (college prep. – grad. school)

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Speed Reading for Students 3rd Grade to Junior HS Package


Buy Speed Reading for Students Now – $19.97

Speed Reading for Students Level: 3rd grade through High School