Abuela's Secret
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Abuela’s Secret – Mexican Recipes


Abuela's Secret – Mexican RecipesBy Dr. Jay Polmar & Cecilia Gonzalez GarciaIn 2007, a research project turned into a Pre-Columbian authentic Mexican Recipe book … from every part of the Country, every state, every region and ancient recipes going back hundreds of years. If you love Mexican cooking, this is it. If you want to open an authentic Mexican restaurant – all the information you need is right here. Enjoy.

inad racipe
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Indian Cuisine – 26 Delicious Recipes


26 Delicious Recipes of Indian Food from an admirer since 1980's. He began traveling city to city to find his favorite dishes. Now, you too can enjoy them. Less

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Thanksgiving Dinner – 25 Delicious Recipes


A young man who loved Thanksgiving, created this book from recipes his mother taught him. A great way to learn to cook and create the Thanksgiving dinners that you will remember for your entire life. Simple instructions and shopping list included.

7 day Mexican
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The 7 Day Mexican Cookbook


21 Delicious Authentic Mexican MealsBy Jay PolmarDid you ever want a quick and easy Mexican meal? After living in Mexico for more than 14 years, the author has realized…