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Speed Reading Home Study Video Course
By Jay C. Polmar, Ph.D., with E.L. Kretschmar
Everyone enjoys an edge, especially in the highly competitive world of education. High School students easily spend hours each week pondering through reading assignments and you can double those hours if you are in college or graduate school.

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Speed Reading for Children


If You Can Read This You Can Read Faster
Buy Speed Read for Children Now – $19.95

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Speed Reading in 11 Minutes


This system has several fantastic advantages!

Your study time will be slashed to less than 50% of what it used to be. That means more free time, and still you can get straight “A”s.

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Speed Reading in Only One Hour


You Are Moments Away From Doubling or Tripling Your Reading Speed!

The Accelerated Book Reading Program makes you read at least twice as fast.

If you can read faster you can:
spend less time studying and worrying
read 3 or 4 magazines instead of 1 or 2
breeze through manuals and technical documents
increase your knowledge of current events