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BEST DENTAL PRACTICES – for new dentists


The Modern Practical Guide to Operating a Successful Dentistry Practice
Reduce Your Costs and Maximize Your Revenues

Both the New Dental Graduate and the Most Established Dental Practice will benefit from this cost saving course!

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How China Steals


Our Top Secret Technology and Says It's Theirs

China has stolen billions from American, British, European, and other free-world corporations. It's the Chinese government who employes techno-thieves steal top corporate secrets.

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How To Accomplish More in Less Time


Over 100 hints for businesspeople and manager about how to get more accomplished, and the best bang For the buck…

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Player’s Guide to Getting


All the Ass You Want

The Player’s Guide to Getting All The Ass You Want is a complete guide to getting laid through club and bar scence. It’ll teach you how to treat her when you meet her, and how to take her home, seduce her, score your first of many goals, and win in the game. Less
Being a player isn’t always easy; especially if you haven’t had a Mentor to guide you through the game. Let me Mentor you.

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Stop Smoking in only One Hour


Therapist's Edition:

A Complete Guide for Therapists
to Help Clients Stop Smoking in Only One Hour