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Evolutions of E-book


Make an Easy Living Writing,Publishing and Selling Ebooks Online By Dr. Jay PolmarEbooks have become amazingly popular and are quickly replacing classic bound paper books. Ebooks have endless advantages over conventional printed books, a huge one of which is that home users

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How to Accomplish more in Less Time


How to Accomplish more in Less TimeBy Jay.C PolmarOver 100 hints for business people and manager about how to get more accomplished, and the best bang For the buck….

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Money, Power and Sex


Money, Power and Sex – The Three Biggies of LifeBy Jay.C PolmarA research project into the three Biggies of Life:  Money, Power and Sex.  Philosophical, hysterically funny, and enlightening. Those who attended the 1991 live lecture got Green Jelly Bellies for Money, an energized crystal from a 1989 energy session with Dr. Polmar – for Power, and a brand name condom for sex.

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Baiting the hook for The BIG THREEBy Dr. Jay Polmar The world has vastly changed with Social media.There are three notable social media websites: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn..

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THE COURSE ON MONEYBy Dr. Jay PolmarTeaches anyone how to make money, become successful, and maintain that wealth throughout the rest of their lives. Most people, no matter how much money they have, do not realize that each individual's degree of wealth and success is directly connected to how they think and act.

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The Millionaire’s Ten Commandments


Millionaire's Ten Commandments, Wealth BuildingBy Jay.C PolmarThis extraordinary quick-read book will begin your journey to achieving more wealth in your life by helping you learn the ethics and morality of the world's millionaires. In a half hour, you'll learn the secrets and avoid the pitfalls.

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Time to Think Right


2012 – The World Isn't Coming To An EndBy Jay.C PolmarThere certainly was a big hullabaloo from Roland Emmerich's film 2012, and all the doomsday disaster films we've seen for the last few years and it’s often scaring the living heck out of viewers.
So badly are they scared of the end of the world that they are watching the same movies of disaster, over and over, with different actors, different titles, and different producers – all aimed to scare you and empty your pockets.