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7 Steps from SAD to HAPPY


7 Steps from SAD to HAPPYBy Jay.C PolmarWhen the cold weather sets in, and the sky grays, it’s isn’t Winter Wonderland for everyone. Millions of people are impacted when their energy ebbs and flows, and their spirits fall and the winter approaches. This is SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder.

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BOWL-BETTER AUDIOS Plus an instruction guideBy Jay.C PolmarBecoming the accurate, high scoring bowler you always wanted to be can be is not only possible, but the tried and tested BOWL-BETTER system will also take your skills and crafts to the highest level and help you become the best bowler you can imagine.

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Easy Guide to Punctuation


Easy Guide to Punctuation for Academic WritingBy Jay.C PolmarLearning to use more of the available forms of punctuation means you will communicate your ideas and arguments more clearly. Here's our simple guide on punctuation for college and university.