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Even if you want to learn speed reading for pleasure reading, you can read an entire book in under an hour. Anyone can double their reading speed with very little effort. Others can increase far beyond that! We Guarantee It!


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Speed Read and Educational Products List

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28 Minutes Speed Read – Spanish



De Lectura Veloz

Compra Lectura Veloz en 28 Minutos Ahora – $3.97

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Speed Reading Home Study Video Course
By Jay C. Polmar, Ph.D., with E.L. Kretschmar
Everyone enjoys an edge, especially in the highly competitive world of education. High School students easily spend hours each week pondering through reading assignments and you can double those hours if you are in college or graduate school.

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50 Juicing Tips to Juice Like A Pro


It’s Time to Boost Your Health & Wellbeing
The plain and simple truth is that juicing provides essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other key nutrients, all of which support maximum wellness to prevent illness and combat stress.

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SAVED BY AN ANGELBy Jay.C PolmarThe world is in a mess of problems. The Middle-East is on fire, Ukraine and Russia are trading blows and Putin's been proven to be a liar with nuclear warheads instead of a truthful thought in his head.

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7 Steps from SAD to HAPPY


7 Steps from SAD to HAPPYBy Jay.C PolmarWhen the cold weather sets in, and the sky grays, it’s isn’t Winter Wonderland for everyone. Millions of people are impacted when their energy ebbs and flows, and their spirits fall and the winter approaches. This is SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder.

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Abuela’s Secret – Mexican Recipes


Abuela's Secret – Mexican RecipesBy Dr. Jay Polmar & Cecilia Gonzalez GarciaIn 2007, a research project turned into a Pre-Columbian authentic Mexican Recipe book … from every part of the Country, every state, every region and ancient recipes going back hundreds of years. If you love Mexican cooking, this is it. If you want to open an authentic Mexican restaurant – all the information you need is right here. Enjoy.

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Amazing I’m On Amazon


GOT A BOOK IN YOU – GET IT ON AMAZONBy Dr. Jay PolmarAMAZING I’M ON AMAZON is the culmination of over 10 years research and writing by Dr. Jay Polmar, (author of more than 50 speed reading and self-help titles), a former teacher and therapist.

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Be Dynamic


Tens of thousands, around the world, have successfully
turned their brains into Learning Machines.
They can turn on the switch whenever needed.

Since 1977, Dr. Jay Polmar has taught students in 27 countries how to train their brain, on-demand, to be the perfect learning machine. It’s an easy process really, and it answers all the needs to convert your brain (and mind) into a fully functional learning machine.