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Make an Easy Living Writing,Publishing and Selling Ebooks Online By Dr. Jay PolmarEbooks have become amazingly popular and are quickly replacing classic bound paper books. Ebooks have endless advantages over conventional printed books, a huge one of which is that home users

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Ebooks have become amazingly popular and are quickly replacing classic bound paper books. Ebooks have endless advantages over conventional printed books, a huge one of which is that home users and small businesses can finally publish their own at low costs for huge profits. It is easy to both publish and sell ebooks through the Internet, and they are one of the fastest-growing markets in the world with sales figures increasing by millions of dollars every year. Now you can learn how to develop, write, publish and sell ebooks yourself and cash in on this great new market.

EBook Sales Are Going Through the Roof!

There are many distinct advantages to ebooks that are making them wildly popular. One of the biggest advantages to buyers is that they can be bought online and then are instantly available for reading. Anyone who has bought a printed book online knows that by the time it comes in the mail you may not even want or need it anymore, and so many readers, from those who just read for pleasure to students to businesspeople, are all switching to buying ebooks.

The biggest new technology driving up ebook sales today are the new portable ebook readers that are on the market. Amazon’s Kindle is probably the best known of these, and there are dozens of other new devices by which one can carry with them for reading hundreds of ebooks in a device smaller than a single paperback. The advent of these devices has nearly doubled ebook sales in the last couple years.

EBook Publishing is a Massive Money Maker

Ebooks remove almost all of the expenses that previously made it difficult for independents to publish books themselves. One no longer needs to pay a printing house to produce a large number of their books, nor do you have to pay a company to distribute them to bookstores. Now you can make your own ebook, publish it yourself, sell ebooks online through your own website as well as others like Amazon, and reap huge profits.
Once you create an ebook and are making money every day from its sales without having to do anything else, you will see why ebook publishing is one of the best new careers of this century.

Start Publishing Your Own Ebooks Today!

So, clearly the next question is how you can begin to publish and sell ebooks yourself. Anyone can do it, and the best way to start is to grab a guide on how to create an ebook, and partner up with an established firm to make sure everything goes smooth and easy for your first book. Fortunately both of these are extremely simple to do, and you can learn how right here on this page, so keep reading. Let’s first go over the basic steps to successful ebook creation:

  1. Come up with a concept and write or have someone else write the ebook’s basic text. We’ll give you suggested writing services also.
  2. Get or design any graphics that will go in the book to spice it up. We’ll give you suggested design services.
  3. Edit your ebook and put it all together the way you want it to look to readers. We’ll give you our fantastic ebook editors list.
  4. Publish the ebook as a PDF or other popular format. We’ll teach you how.
  5. Put your ebook up on a website that sells it. We’ll provide information on that also.
  6. Sit back and enjoy your profits. You can do that without our help!

Yes, it is really that easy, and once you finish there is nothing else you have to do in order to make money and keep making it for a long time. This is the best part of creating ebooks yourself and selling them online.

Printed Books are Limited Money Makers

With a self-published printed book, you would have only a limited number of copies to distribute and need to constantly be making sure stores that sold your books got new copies. Then when you ran out of copies, you would need to have more printed adding to your expenses. Let’s image you’ve printed 5,000 books that cost you $3.50 each plus setup probably a total of $2,500. You have 5,000 books that sell through bookstores at 40% off the 19.95 list price, or $12.00 per book less your cost of $5.00 per book = $7.00 per book profit. That’s $35,000 profit? and you have run all over the country and to every bookstore in the country pushing your book. You’d be pretty tired and broke too. $35K doesn’t go too far. And, if the bookstores aren’t screaming for more? it’s over!

If you paid money and got on a distributor’s list, you’re giving away 58-62% of the list price to the distributor, meaning that a book that retails for $19.95, could bring you as little as $8.00 with a $5.00 cost? Profit is only $3.00 per book, or $15,000 less your costs of getting in a distributor’s catalog. Not a lot for your work!

Traditional Book Publishing: Perhaps you didn’t realize this, but, most authors get a small percentage of their published book sales, as low as 4% and as high as 10%. But, you are at the mercy of the publisher. They layout the design, the cover, and if you don’t like it? Tough! If your first run only sold a small quantity? It’s your loss. Because if the publisher only printed 5,000 of your $19.95 retail book and you got 7% royalty $1.40 per book… you got a total of $7,000 it’s over. If they don’t, reprint – that’s all folks.
Digital Ebook Publishing: But the same book sold online. $19.95 electronic delivery, without costs? And you sell only 5,000 copies again – you make $99,750 in gross sales. Costs are credit card processing, about 3 ½% and ?. The cost of the web site about $60 a year? Nothing else that is if you are a genius at internet marketing. We give you a lot of that information, too!
And with ebooks, you can keep selling your ebook year after year, copy after copy forever. Ask Dr. Jay Polmar, an author (and ghost author) of over 100 titles:
Our Speed Reading books and courses have been selling online since 1997 bringing excellent income for authors and course developers. We have gone from one product to over 50 in 14 years ebook marketing and sales are very impressive sales figures for our business .?

With ebooks, all the distribution is done online, and you never run out of copies. This means the income from ebook sales is totally passive, and you are free to do whatever you like once you are done.

Of course, after you see how easy and profitable it is to create ebooks you will mostly likely use at least some of your free time to make more, so your passive income keeps growing. Then, eventually you will be making more than any full-time job pays while you relax, travel, or whatever else you enjoy most.

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