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Los Diez Mandamientos del Millonario


Este extraordinario libro de lectura rápida comenzará tu viaje para lograr más riqueza en tu vida, ayudándote a aprender la ética y la moral de los millonarios del mundo. En media hora, aprenderás los secretos y evitarás los errores. Este libro contiene todas las valiosas técnicas y métodos de lectura veloz.
Como parte del “El Curso del Dinero” del Dr. J. C. Polmar, obtendrás una vista previa det Less
Los Diez Mandamientos del Millonario

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Master Comprehension & Memory


Perfect Learning Systems Book 2
A guidebook to your improving your comprehension and your memory. As an adjunct to any speed reading course, this course is the value-added for you to develop increased comprehension and improving memory and recall.

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Money, Power and Sex


Money, Power and Sex – The Three Biggies of LifeBy Jay.C PolmarA research project into the three Biggies of Life:  Money, Power and Sex.  Philosophical, hysterically funny, and enlightening. Those who attended the 1991 live lecture got Green Jelly Bellies for Money, an energized crystal from a 1989 energy session with Dr. Polmar – for Power, and a brand name condom for sex.

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Nederlands Snellezen


Speed Reading in One Hour in Dutch

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Optimize your brain


Speed Reading for Business Success and The Course on Money
1. Use the Eliminate the Babbler for permanent engaging of accessible intuition to gain insight and action steps.
2. Use Prosperity Sleep – to use sleep and dreams to increase prosperity.
3. Use Self-Confidence – to build confidence toward your wealth creation.
4. Use Success and Prosperity – during the day to open to clarity and opportunities for valid wealth creation ideas.
5. Use Prosperity Chants as an option. These are old chants that bring instant results.

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Overcoming Anxiety and Panic Symptoms


The very important first step towards conquering anxiety is understanding exactly what is happening to you when you experience anxiety. The simple fact of knowing your reasons for feeling anxious will give you a fantastic tool for anxiety management.

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Perfect Learning System


Who else wants to be able to transform
their brain into the Perfect Learning machine?

Tens of thousands, around the world, have successfully turned their brains into Learning Machines. They can turn on the switch whenever needed.

Since 1977 Dr. Jay Polmar has taught students in 27 countries how to train their brain to become, on-demand, the Perfect Learning machine. It’s an easy process really, and it answers all the needs to convert your brain (and mind) into the Perfect Learning machine.

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Player’s Guide to Getting


All the Ass You Want

The Player’s Guide to Getting All The Ass You Want is a complete guide to getting laid through club and bar scence. It’ll teach you how to treat her when you meet her, and how to take her home, seduce her, score your first of many goals, and win in the game. Less
Being a player isn’t always easy; especially if you haven’t had a Mentor to guide you through the game. Let me Mentor you.