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Speed Reading in Only One Hour


You Are Moments Away From Doubling or Tripling Your Reading Speed!

The Accelerated Book Reading Program makes you read at least twice as fast.

If you can read faster you can:
spend less time studying and worrying
read 3 or 4 magazines instead of 1 or 2
breeze through manuals and technical documents
increase your knowledge of current events

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Speed Reading/Schnell-Lesen: English/Deutsch bilingual version


Speed Reading/Schnell-Lesen: English/Deutsch bilingual version

Buy German English Speed Read Now – $17.95

Dutch English
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Speed reading/Snellezen – English/Dutch-Nederlands


Als u dit kunt lezen, kunt u ook sneller lezen.
Als u sneller kunt lezen, kunt u:
1. tijd besparen bij het studeren
2. – 3 of 4 tijdschriften lezen in plaats van 1 of 2
3. Snel handleidingen en technische documenten doorbladeren

met twee hypnose scripts om te helpen u slagen sneller!

Speed reading-Snellezen
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Speed Reading/Snellezen/English-Dutch/Nederlands


Speed reading/Snellezen – English/Dutch-Nederlands

Buy English Dutch Speed Reading Now – $17.95

Stop Smoking
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Stop Smoking in only One Hour


Therapist's Edition:

A Complete Guide for Therapists
to Help Clients Stop Smoking in Only One Hour

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Stress In The Workplace


Stress is controllable and manageable. Learn how to do that quickly and easily – with an informative and positive approach. Created originally for marketing in the United Kingdom, these methods and information apply to everyone.

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Thanksgiving Dinner – 25 Delicious Recipes


A young man who loved Thanksgiving, created this book from recipes his mother taught him. A great way to learn to cook and create the Thanksgiving dinners that you will remember for your entire life. Simple instructions and shopping list included.

7 day Mexican
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The 7 Day Mexican Cookbook


21 Delicious Authentic Mexican MealsBy Jay PolmarDid you ever want a quick and easy Mexican meal? After living in Mexico for more than 14 years, the author has realized…

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Baiting the hook for The BIG THREEBy Dr. Jay Polmar The world has vastly changed with Social media.There are three notable social media websites: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn..

Complete Speed Reading Program - Corporate Version
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The Complete Speed Reading Program – Corporate


Who else needs to improve their bottom line and increase their earning capacity?By Dr. Jay Polmar, author of more than 50 booksFor the every employee in your corporation, from the secretarial staff to the CEO. Electronic speed reading course books, online speed reading software, audio reinforcement, and much more.