Complete Speed Reading Program - Family Version
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The Complete Speed Reading Program – Family Version


Do you and yours want to be able to transform their brains into the Perfect Learning machine?By Dr. Jay Polmar, author of more than 50 booksI've turned my brain into the perfect learning machine and have helped thousands around the world to do so.

course on money
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THE COURSE ON MONEYBy Dr. Jay PolmarTeaches anyone how to make money, become successful, and maintain that wealth throughout the rest of their lives. Most people, no matter how much money they have, do not realize that each individual's degree of wealth and success is directly connected to how they think and act.

Gringo Guide
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The Gringo Guide to Speaking Spanish


The Gringo Guide to Speaking SpanishBy Jay.C PolmarNeed to be able to communicate in Spanish in Mexico, Latin America, or Spain? Use The Gringo Guide, and be ready to talk and talk and talk.

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The Home Juicer’s Guide To Health – 3 book boxset


Everything you need to know to start out juicing for health. 50 Tips to Juicing, Juicing for Exercise, and Liquid Nutrition. Three best-selling guides on how to use juicing to rebuild and strengthen your body, prepare for exercise, and build your immune system.

10 commandments
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The Millionaire’s Ten Commandments


Millionaire's Ten Commandments, Wealth BuildingBy Jay.C PolmarThis extraordinary quick-read book will begin your journey to achieving more wealth in your life by helping you learn the ethics and morality of the world's millionaires. In a half hour, you'll learn the secrets and avoid the pitfalls.

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The Path to your Purpose


The Path to your Purpose is not behind youBy Dr. Jay Polmar Stuck in the problems of the past or past lives? This is the script of Dr. Jay Polmar’s live workshop on clearing out the past from this life, and others, to clearly know you purpose in life, and accelerate using clear visualization to see it, and your own self-empowering abilities … to create it.

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The Right Is Wrong


Learn the solution: THE BULLET THEORY
The crazy RIGHT fringe kidnapped the United States Destroyed our Liberties, Put us all at risk, Made us a Prison Nation, and is killing us.

meta secret
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The Secret Metabolic Code


The Secret Metabolic CodeBy Dr. Jay PolmarIf you are one of the millions who spend hundreds to thousands of dollars every year desperately trying to shed those excess pounds, we can help with just a few secret tips. Stop what you're doing right now and learn these secret techniques!

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The Unauthorized History of the Republican Party


Beginnings, Changes and Things Everyone Needs To KnowBy Carl Payel History of the Republican party from its inception through today. Learn all their secrets, what makes them tick, what floats their boat, and what they say when they get caught – and THEY DO GET CAUGHT!

Thinkk Right
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Time to Think Right


2012 – The World Isn't Coming To An EndBy Jay.C PolmarThere certainly was a big hullabaloo from Roland Emmerich's film 2012, and all the doomsday disaster films we've seen for the last few years and it’s often scaring the living heck out of viewers.
So badly are they scared of the end of the world that they are watching the same movies of disaster, over and over, with different actors, different titles, and different producers – all aimed to scare you and empty your pockets.