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Thanksgiving Dinner – 25 Delicious Recipes


A young man who loved Thanksgiving, created this book from recipes his mother taught him. A great way to learn to cook and create the Thanksgiving dinners that you will remember for your entire life. Simple instructions and shopping list included.

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The 7 Day Mexican Cookbook


21 Delicious Authentic Mexican MealsBy Jay PolmarDid you ever want a quick and easy Mexican meal? After living in Mexico for more than 14 years, the author has realized…

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Baiting the hook for The BIG THREEBy Dr. Jay Polmar The world has vastly changed with Social media.There are three notable social media websites: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn..

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The Complete Speed Reading Program – Corporate


Who else needs to improve their bottom line and increase their earning capacity?By Dr. Jay Polmar, author of more than 50 booksFor the every employee in your corporation, from the secretarial staff to the CEO. Electronic speed reading course books, online speed reading software, audio reinforcement, and much more.

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The Complete Speed Reading Program – Family Version


Do you and yours want to be able to transform their brains into the Perfect Learning machine?By Dr. Jay Polmar, author of more than 50 booksI've turned my brain into the perfect learning machine and have helped thousands around the world to do so.

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THE COURSE ON MONEYBy Dr. Jay PolmarTeaches anyone how to make money, become successful, and maintain that wealth throughout the rest of their lives. Most people, no matter how much money they have, do not realize that each individual's degree of wealth and success is directly connected to how they think and act.

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The Gringo Guide to Speaking Spanish


The Gringo Guide to Speaking SpanishBy Jay.C PolmarNeed to be able to communicate in Spanish in Mexico, Latin America, or Spain? Use The Gringo Guide, and be ready to talk and talk and talk.

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The Home Juicer’s Guide To Health – 3 book boxset


Everything you need to know to start out juicing for health. 50 Tips to Juicing, Juicing for Exercise, and Liquid Nutrition. Three best-selling guides on how to use juicing to rebuild and strengthen your body, prepare for exercise, and build your immune system.