Speed Reading and Study Skills Package

Complete Academic Improvement Tool – Empower your Education
This set includes:
1. Speed Read in Only One Hour (min. 6th-grade reading level) – this is given to you just to get you started on the process of becoming a straight A student.

2. Be Dynamic Through Speed Reading (college prep. – grad. school)

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Speed Reading

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Product Description

It’s like having a pre-programmed virtual memory and speed reading chip programmed into your brain.”

Dr. Polmar taught this course, in 7.5 hours at Universities and Colleges Florida to Hawaii. Be Dynamic through Speed Reading contains 95% of the original live course, and has been recently upgraded to incorporate new learning technology and Mind-mapping.

Be Dynamic includes several reading speed and comprehension tests, exercises, and other tools to aid students to succeed. You’ll not only increase reading speed but also to also improve comprehension and develop a highly efficient brain function.

Be Dynamic is in easy to read language, is broken down into 3 days of easy self-study, and includes audios that will improve your brain function for reading speed, comprehension, memory, recall, short and long-term memory, self-confidence, and more.

With the mp3 files, you’ll automatically improve your:

  • reading speed
  • comprehension
  • self-confidence
  • memory
  • recall capacity
  • concentration
  • test-taking skills.

All these tools help you to enhance your learning abilities and we guarantee will turn your brain into a well-oiled learning machine that can recall facts and figures with ease and speed.

Let’s hear a testimonial from some an educator
to see how this course has impacted them:


Be Dynamic is … “a concise, effective, applicable program which provides students with a positive, nurturing attitude leading to success and educational growth. As a school administrator (former school psychologist and principal), my recommendation is to incorporate (your program) in the school curriculum.”

S. L. Calvert – Shullsburg, Wisconsin.

You’ll learn the 8 best reading acceleration techniques, including those of Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics, and how to combine and use them to achieve greater success. Each technique builds on the next as you progress through PERFECT LEARNING SYSTEM and help you become a Master Speed Reader.

A research team went to India for us and discovered an ancient technique for intensification of knowledge, memory, recall and educational enhancement. Dr. Polmar incorporated in his course in 1977; the results have been phenomenal.

It’s a common gesture that we all know well, however, with our special method this technique gives you control of improving memory for tests, and instantaneous memory and calmness for exams.

Our Be Dynamic method engages insight/intuition and builds on the power of the human mind to help you develop talents of brainstorming during group study, and augments your personal insight and intuition.

The BE DYNAMIC Method covers reading:

  • textbooks
  • non-fiction
  • fiction
  • reports
  • research material
  • technical material
  • narrow columns (in great detail)
  • computer monitors
  • for exam studies

We give you multiple techniques for wide and narrow column reading, and we give you an amazing technique for expanding your peripheral vision to take in more words on the page or even a full page in a single glance.

These speed reading techniques are used in our live seminars which are conducted by world-famous instructor Al Tuve, winner of the NJ Governor’s Award for education. Al and his team have a GSA contract for teaching speed reading throughout the US government. Just click here and find out about a seminar in your own part of the world. Custom seminars are available worldwide in English for groups of 12 or more.

Let’s hear a testimonial from an institution
who saw how this course has impacted them:


To whom it may concern,

“The very fact that there is so much interest and enthusiasm for the class has been a benefit to the institution. In my opinion, Dr. Polmar’s course would be an asset to any institution and inmates confined there.”

Associate Warden, Director of Programs,
Central New Mexico Correction Facility – New Mexico

This year, a new section has been incorporated into mind-mapping techniques. This is a system that was created one of the world’s greatest minds and inventors, Leonardo Da Vinci. Mind-mapping is a way of organizing thoughts and seeing them not in just two dimensions but in three and four dimensions. This helps open the mind and create a road map for success in goal attainment. BE DYNAMIC gives you an introduction into mind mapping. Our resident expert will take you further at:

Testimonial from those in the know:


“Your proposal to teach students how to learn and how to succeed appears promising.”

J. Waihee, Governor – Hawaii
From our series of teaching on Oahu and Maui in Hawaii