Baiting the hook for The BIG THREEBy Dr. Jay Polmar The world has vastly changed with Social media.There are three notable social media websites: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn..

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Product Description

The world has vastly changed with Social media.

There are three notable social media websites: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Each of them offers a different set of tools in order to communicate with friends, family, business associates and prospects. It is important to know how to sign up and access the power of the β€œBig Three.” In fact, there is an Ebook that explains it all, and not surprisingly it is called, β€œThe Big Three.”

How people market their products and services, and most importantly how we communicate, are all impacted.

Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and hundreds of other social media outlets allow customers, prospects and competitors to exchange information in a unique way that helps build relationships, strengthen brands and increase sales for businesses around the world.

Large and small businesses, start-ups and individuals are utilizing the power of social media to get their message out in the world and draw customers.

The results are amazing, and the returns are sizable.

So, how can you jump on this money-making bandwagon?

What is this social media thing all about?

This book takes you step by step for each of these top services. It teaches you how to sign up and more importantly how to begin attracting people through these sites using the resources you already have at your disposal.
It extracts names of people that are most likely signed up on one or all of these services. They are primed and ready to communicate and network with you and your business.

In addition to creating accounts and understanding the ins and outs of social networking, this book offers you a bonus: How to write an eBook in 10 days. This shows you step by step how to write, construct, and use eBooks for your business. EBooks are a great way to make money if you decide to sell, but they are also a great way to drive traffic to your business as a giveaway. The choice is yours.

With the power of social networking and a money-making EBook, you can see your profits grow and expand.