The Complete Speed Reading Program – Family Version

Do you and yours want to be able to transform their brains into the Perfect Learning machine?By Dr. Jay Polmar, author of more than 50 booksI've turned my brain into the perfect learning machine and have helped thousands around the world to do so.

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Complete Speed Reading Program – Family Version

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Product Description

The Complete Speed Reading Program



Do you and yours want to be able to transform their brains into the Perfect Learning machine?

“I’ve turned my brain into the perfect learning
machine and have helped thousands around the world to do so.”

Dr. Jay Polmar, author of more than 50 books

Double/Triple Reading Speed, Take Amazing Notes,
Remember Everything You See and Hear,
Remember Everything You Read
Get Top Grades? Get Best Jobs
Have More Free Time and More

For the entire family – Children, Teens, College/University.

  • Family members of all ages, from all across the world, have been increasing their reading speed and successfully improving their reading comprehension with this easy to use program!
  • Have you ever had to read a story, over and over to understand it’s meaning, and even then you can’t seem to retain the information?
  • Imagine how much more information you could absorb and recall and how great an impact that could have in your career!
  • Don’t you think instant memory would help you to take tests and discuss information even better than before?
  • Have you ever considered that increasing your reading speed might be the answer you’ve been looking for?

Since 1977, Dr. Jay Polmar has taught students in 27 countries how to increase their reading speed and improve their reading comprehension. You can use this simple process to retrain your brain and increase your capacity for learning. The Family version of Speed Read Complete is designed to help everyone from children to adults improve their ability to read more quickly and understand everything they read.

Dr. Polmar has spent much of his life developing and perfecting the Speed Reading Techniques you will learn in Speed Reading Complete that are proven to be effective, not only to increase your reading speed but in accelerating your understanding – and comprehension.

Family members from the youngest children to their Grandparents; have all have made astounding improvements by using Dr. Jay’s revolutionary techniques in Speed Reading Complete. Over 100,000 people in 27 countries use it for improving their skills and ensuring a better future for their business.

This scientifically-proven system helps to increase reading speed and vastly improve your reading comprehension through a series of practical procedures that help you retrain your mind. It’s called SPEED READING COMPLETE, and it teaches you – in simple lessons and techniques – how to teach your mind to read faster and understand every word of the text.
Long, complicated executive reports are no longer a problem!

  • DOUBLE – TRIPLE Reading Speed Fast!
  • Understand more of what you read!
  • Eliminate stress from test taking.
  • You’ll always know the right answers immediately.
  • Easily create your own presentations and homework on time – in perfect form.
  • Learn the secrets of mind-mapping and key-note taking.
  • Enjoy more free time to relax and spend time together as a family.

“A concise, effective, applicable program which provides students with a positive, nurturing attitude leading to success and educational growth. As a school administrator (former school psychologist and principal), my recommendation is to incorporate (your program) in the school curriculum.”

Sheryl L. Calvert – Shullsburg, Wisconsin. (1986)

The Speed Reading Complete is based on the best-selling book series and live courses by Dr. Jay Polmar.  “It’s like having a pre-programmed virtual memory and speed reading chip programmed into your brain.”

Speed Reading Complete also includes supplemental comprehension and memory training which will help you even if you never learned how to study when you were young.

Dr. Polmar taught these courses in Universities and Colleges from Florida to Hawaii. Speed Reading Complete contains 95% of the original live course and has been recently upgraded to incorporate new learning technology and Mind-mapping techniques.

Speed Reading Complete includes several reading speed and comprehension tests, exercises, and other tools to aid in successful reading no matter how old you are. You’ll not only increase reading speed but also to also improve comprehension and develop a highly efficient brain function.

Speed Reading Complete is in easy-to-read language, is broken down into 3 days of easy self-study, and includes audios that will improve your brain function for reading speed, comprehension, memory, recall, short and long-term memory, self-confidence, and more.

With the mp3 files, you’ll automatically improve your:

  • Reading speed
  • Comprehension
  • Self-confidence
  • Memory
  • Recall capacity
  • Concentration
  • Business skills

All these tools help you to enhance your learning abilities, and we guarantee it will turn your brain into a well-oiled learning machine that can recall the facts and figures from anything you read with ease and speed. When you know the subject matter, you will never have test anxiety again!

The product was taught at colleges and universities in the US, and research was even done in US Prisons, to determine usability in several areas. Here’s one comment:

To whom it may concern,

“The very fact that there is so much interest and enthusiasm for the class has been a benefit to the institution. In my opinion, Dr. Polmar’s course would be an asset to any institution and inmates confined there.”

Associate Warden, Director of Programs, Central New Mexico Correction Facility – New Mexico (1983)

Speed Reading Complete Family Edition includes four great electronic books, that come to you by instant download, to help you learn to increase your reading speed and improve your ability to retain the information you need to know.

Yes, you can achieve your reading and classroom grade goals by using the material from our Online Download Library of speed-reading and self-power improving publications.

For the entire family – children, teens, college/university. Electronic Speed reading course books, improve online speed reading abilities, with audio reinforcement, and much more.

The Complete Family Speed Reading edition includes four great electronic books, that come to you by instant download, to help you learn to improve your reading abilities starting at 3rd grade and continuing throughout life.

speedread fast
reading speed less 1hr
dynamic reading
Thinkk Right

Four editions: Children, teens/adults, college/university, and a course on the power of thought to achieve success. Yes, you will achieve your life goals by using the material from our Online Download Library of speed reading and self-power improving publications.

Electronic courses (in Adobe Acrobat Reader, pdf format- for automatic download):

  • If You Can Read This, You Can Read Faster
    (min. 3rd-grade reading level)
    Teaches techniques and vocabulary
  • Speed Read in Only One Hour
    (min. 6th-grade reading level)
    Teaches techniques and has multiple reinforcement exercises
  • Be Dynamic Through Speed Reading
    (college prep. – grad. school)
    Speed reading, memory, concentration, recall, and more
  • Think Right
    (Developing Self-power, an ethical viewpoint with technology)
    Learn to set your thoughts and get what you want

Plus, you’ll get our 12 audio mp3 program to improve reading speed, memory,
concentration, recall, test-taking, self-confidence, eliminate test-taking
fears, and learn far more to get the best grades in school and
enjoy greater successes in life.


Accompanying Audio Programs – Power Programing with Visualization (sent by download file):

  1. Basic Speed Reading
  2. Speed Reading Comprehension
  3. Speed Reading Access Program for Automatic Speed Reading Ability
  4. Preparation for Conditioning for Automatic Speed Reading
  5. Conditioning for Relaxation and Freedom from Stress
  6. Accelerated Learning Skill
  7. 3 in one technique, Memory, Concentration, Recall
  8. Developing Self-Confidence
  9. Develop Self Power
  10. Eliminate the Negative Inner Dialog
  11. Memory Enhancement (includes Test Taking)
  12. Intuitive Development (includes Test-Taking)


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You Are Moments Away From Doubling or Tripling Your Reading Speed!