The Right Is Wrong

Learn the solution: THE BULLET THEORY
The crazy RIGHT fringe kidnapped the United States Destroyed our Liberties, Put us all at risk, Made us a Prison Nation, and is killing us.

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The crazy RIGHT fringe kidnapped the United States. Destroyed our Liberties. Put us all at risk, made us a Prison Nation. And is killing us.
I’m not a Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, Socialist, Communist, Independent, nor have any political affiliation. I’m almost 70 years old and the US scared me so much, I left the country.

I’ve researched and found a few subjects that need to be addressed, but every single day I learn and hear of more. It’s never ending.

Forced by an insurance company to have surgery, that crippled me and almost killed me, leaving me with six months to live, I got away from the US to a country where they did a rather simple procedure and saved me life. 15 years later I’m still alive and kicking.

I wouldn’t return to the US for a million dollars. But, I will continue to write about all the injustices that I discover. This book describes just some of them. The Police States, the Prison Nation, BridgeGate, Idiots in the Republican Party running for President. U.S. Terrorism, Terrorism on an International scale caused by the War in Iraq, blaming others for Political wrongdoing when Congress is destroying America. And so much more.

Everyone deserves a better United States, and it’s not that difficult. Learn the Bullet Theory and you’ll see the Light at the end of the tunnel. Learn the solution: THE BULLET THEORY