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You have an amazing Power attached to your thoughts But, if you’re like most people, your thoughts are just randomly scurrying though your head. And a lot of them aren’t positive in any way. But, don’t get scared! The world is already filled with enough scared and foolish people who can’t think for themselves. These people allow their little babbling chatterbox to drive people nuts, run and ruin their lives. Does your mind ask “Voice? What voice? I don’t hear any voice?” THAT’S THE VOICE!
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If you think that chatterbox doesn’t drive people to therapists, guess how much money is spent on mental health every year in the US? How much on Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Xanax, Valium? The real reason behind the pills and the therapy — the inability to control one’s inner babbling chatterbox. The chatterbox is simply a reminder of your past problems that you didn’t exactly “win” at. Chatterbox isn’t your friend – nor is he/she positive.

FEAR empowers Chatterbox and affects your body and mind far more than you think. When you learn to overcome Fear – a great positive POWER is unleashed once you’ve learned to remove negative thoughts.

LESSONS OF LIFE ON EARTH: Everyone has many lessons to learn in this life, (1) including love, and (2) using personal insight, (intuition), (3) the ethical use of Power, and (4) what Eternity is.

Some unwise people say: “Don’t worry it’s all an illusion anyway – or Do Unto Others before they do it to you”. But in reality, in order to have self-growth and self-awareness, you must accept and allow life the way it is. Change what you can in a positive way; and allow natural transformations to occur in your life.

Learning about achieving Balance and Harmony is vital for health and longevity. And you’ll also discover that Justice is the Universal Balancing Power between what you conceive to be right or wrong. Dr. Jay’s Theory of Life is a different matter. And with that knowledge you be able to eliminate all your personal suffering.

Of course Life is like a school with lessons and exams. There are specific rules for being a human being and tests. And you’ll realize after a short time that unnecessary negative thoughts and emotions create stress & disease. You’ll learn through Dr. Jay’s Theory of Life that you have the power to overcome disease, problems, and stresses. In your learning about life you’ll find that you have your own inner Fountain Of Youth and rejuvenation that you can always access. You’ll learn that wherever you are, you can overcome any weaknesses, rebuild your strength and even use your insight to find Your Purpose in Life.

People who are aware learn from their mistakes and the mistakes and errors of others. This is called learning by example. When you do this, you exert your Positive Powers and Thoughts to make a better life for yourself and those you love.

As the final series of lectures and exercises begins, you’ll learn how to positively talk yourself into Success – and you’ll gain full understanding on what success is, what attitudes create success, and what energy is behind success.

As the final lesson of this great work – you’ll get The Guide to Inner Peace and instructions on how to become a Master of your own life.

The most powerful book/workbook/audio programming self-empowerment course ever published.