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Even if you want to learn speed reading for pleasure reading, you can read an entire book in under an hour. Anyone can double their reading speed with very little effort. Others can increase far beyond that! We Guarantee It!

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Speed Reading for College &
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Speed Read College Edition - BE DYNAMIC

Be DYNAMIC Through SPEED READING is a self-taught 7.5 hour college/university course that Dr. Polmar taught from 1980-1993 from Florida to Hawaii. The course includes several reading speed and comprehension tests throughout the program and exercises. Be DYNAMIC Through SPEED READING is best studied over three days, just under 2 1/2 hours for each day’s learning. 

The course is 203 pages long and lasts over 3 days. The course comes with four cassette tapes that will improve your reading speed, comprehension, self-confidence, memory, recall, concentration, and test-taking skills also. All these speed reading tools helps you to enhance your speed reading abilities and makes you a dynamic person. No wonder the product is known as be dynamic through speed reading.

Day three includes our more advanced speed reading methods. More methods than any other speed reading course taught in the U.S. We use the Z - Movement for short paragraphs and practice it on an article about brilliant scientist, Albert Einstein.

Two more specialized speed reading techniques are included ... the Looping/Infinity Technique this technique is great with small with columns that have information of limited value to catch the key words, and the I-Bar Movement method which excels with stock reports, sports scores, and narrow column material that has extensive data to be retained.

From an ancient Hindu technique we drew the most powerful of the Mudra methods. This one is famous for intensification of knowledge, memory and recall. Using this method has provided students with excellent memory for tests, and professionals have instantaneous memory for public speaking, and recall during corporate meetings.

There is short lecture on insight/intuition and the power of the human mind and how it benefits you to have a good grasp of your personal ability to use brainstorming, insight and intuition.

We have covered narrow columns in great detail in this day because a major amount of corporate material is in narrow column format. We now teach you the most important aspect of narrow columns, expanding your vertical peripheral vision with a technique of pyramid expansion. Used by our teachers for over 28 years, it alone provides for a great accomplishment in vertical speed reading methods.

We give further reading practice on scientific research on the human brain and mind, and a Nobel Laureates research that confirms many of our methods including a small piece on "What You Think Is What You Get".

To complete the program we include an approved chart on the human brainwave aspect and graphic demonstration of how the brain works along we two self-talk methods to strengthen your speed reading abilities, and access to insight and success.

Accompanying Audio Programs - Power Programming with Visualization (sent by download file):

1 - Basic Speed Reading
2 - Speed Reading Comprehension
3 - Speed Reading Access Program for Automatic Speed Reading Ability
4 - Preparation for Conditioning for Automatic Speed Reading
5 - Conditioning for Relaxation and Freedom from Stress
6 - Accelerated Learning Skill
7 - 3 in one technique, Memory, Concentration, Recall
8 - Developing Self Confidence
9 - Develop Self Power
10 - Eliminate the Negative Inner Dialog
11 - Memory Enhancement (includes Test Taking)
12 - Intuitive Development (includes Test-Taking)