Speed Reading American Guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with the course, simply return it after using it for 30 days. Due to the nature of the learning techniques, you’ll immediately increase your reading speed. With daily use of the reading techniques even more improvement will result. If after that 30 day period, you are dissatisfied with your result of increased reading, please contact us

For a refund form and return authorization number: All refunds are issued by Speedread America, Inc. corporate offices. Please request a Return Authorization Number by emailing info@speedread.org and forward to us a copy of your sales receipt. Credits are issued according to the stated guarantee.

Note: A minimal fifth grade English language reading level is required. For English as a second language learners will only be eligible for refund if contacting us for special ESL editions please contact: info@speedread.org for alternative programs.

Why not spend a few months and let us show you how to become a speed reader and a much better student? With prices starting at just $9.95 US, you will discover just how affordable learning can be!